Tana Hall

which is the largest one of the seven halls it has the capacity to accommodate 600-700 people at a time for different events and different sitting arrangement. Weddings, after weddings, Graduations, Cultural events and Meetings are held in this most suitable hall.

Lalibella Hall

is our second largest hall of the halls which can accommodate up to 60 people at a time for different events especially conference and meetings.

Langano Hall

The third largest hall which can accommodate from 45-55 people with different sitting arrangement is very suitable for your meeting and event’s needs.

Tekeze Hall

A fixed U-Shape sitting arrangement for your convenience especially made for Board Meetings, Press conferences and VIP Meetings for 26-30 people.

Shebelle I

Our fifth Hall can accommodate up to 28 people with your preferable sitting arrangement and also serve as a syndicate room based on your preference.

Shebelle II

The most preferable hall for a very small number of participants up to 15 people located between the two Shebelle halls.

Shebelle III

It has the same size with Shebelle 1 which accommodates up to 28 people at a time.

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